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In the past few years,we have worked in Sinazongwe on the shores of Lake Kariba down in the southern part close by the Zimbabwe border and also one project in the Copper Belt area of Kitwe. Currently our work is in the Lusaka area and the Copper Belt to the north of this vast nation.

In the autumn of 2006, we launched our exclusive NEXGEN imprint which would identify projects for upcoming generations. Generally speaking, this would target children and young people for educational, emotional & personal needs. These projects have been very successful in provision for overtly vulnerable children, many of whom are single or double orphans. Having lost one or both of their parents, primarily though malaria and aids,they are the least of society to be positioned for an education. LUMINARY SCHOOL was the first initiative where land was purchased and a school erected for over 400 children.

There are now in excess of 600 children being educated, cared for and fed daily with a substantial meal. The latter is being financed by together with other interested parties and is a permanent project as we seek to help sustain nourishment.

We are hopeful that the NEXGEN Life Skills project for senior age young people will be launched sometime in 2019-20. Once they have been educated up to senior or high school level, many are unable to afford further education and, as a result, have to resort to less favourable options. Therefore, we are wanting to help in establishing the next level of education.

Please visit our projects page for an update on this current initiative



The newsletters below will give you an idea of what has been achieved so far through our establishing and equipping of LUMINARY SCHOOL for primary and junior students.

NEXGEN ZAMBIA 2: Phase 1 - Because of our desire and commitment to young people all over the world - hence the name of NEXGEN for all these projects - we have agreed to help another group of children in Lusaka. They are in need of a school building as the one they are renting is totally inadequate. Click the link below to learn more...

NEXGEN ZAMBIA 2 - School Land & Building Costs

PLOT OF LAND PURCHASED & PHASE 1 LUMINARY SCHOOL BUILDINGS COMPLETED! Additionally, the water well is now fully operational not only for the school, but for the local community. A huge thank you to all who donated to this, especially those who did the 'BRAVEHEART CHALLENGE' to Ben Nevis!


NEXGEN ZAMBIA 3: LUMINARY SCHOOL, LUSAKA - RESOURCES SHIPMENT CONTAINER HAS ARRIVED SAFELY AND ON TIME! Much noisy celebration was offered by the children who helped with the unloading. Full pictorial - click on link below:


CARSON'S TRIP TO LUSAKA, ZAMBIA - The container full of resources and school equipment has fully equipped two schools. We visited both; the main school, LUMINARY FOUNDATION in a compound in Lusaka and a newly built village school in the bush in the northern Kitwe area of the country.

CHECK THIS OUT - we think they were happy!!


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