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Praise with us!


Join with us in thanks - the following is a small list of the many things for which we are thankful to God:

  • LATVIA - Colin's March trip was safe in travel and health! In MAY we both went to the 10th Anniversary and Graduation of BSM (Baltic School of Ministry)
  • LATVIA - CHURCH PLANTING INITIATIVE - graduated 25 students!
  • LATVIA - Two new churches have been planted in regions of Riga
  • HAITI - Through our partners in Port-au-Prince, we were able to raise an emergency project and donations for a family of five destitute siblings. They are all now progressing very well in the LOVING HEARTS CHILDREN'S HOME and School
  • CAMBODIA - Sarah has completed her 2 year placement at HOPE International Christian School in Phnom Penh. She coped amazingly well through the challenges of language, culture, heat and safety of the country

Pray with us!


Thank you for your prayers - the following is a small list of things for which we would currently appreciate your prayer support:

  • U.K. - Please pray for the ongoing office furniture side of the ministry as we are donated jobs of immense blessing, but magnitude! Our helpers are great and are doing a great job
  • HORIZONS - We are continually praying for guidance and wisdom in which to proceed through each year of opportunity
  • HAITI - VICTORY church has continual and ongoing challenges. Pastor Etienne has had surgery this year and at present is working at lowering his blood pressure. Please pray for them as a family as they lead the church and are fully practically involved in many aspects of the church
  • HAITI - Discipleship study and leadership training - for each participant to continue and finish the course. There are church planting and outreach events ongoing this year
  • LATVIA - For a good intake of students for the 2019-20 academic year. For finance to purchase and install new boilers (furnaces) and other practical, essential maintenance
  • LATVIA - Danny and Damaris Pedraza - missionaries from Argentina in this nation for many years. They have a serious shortfall in their personal support base because of the financial crisis in Argentina. Please urgently pray that they are able to reach new supporters outside of their home country
  • ZAMBIA - Please pray for missionaries Dave and Connie Keating who are on an extended furlough to U.S.A. They have faced extreme challenges over the past five years and have been unable to leave Zambia until this summer. Their ministry has been re-launched and come the Autumn they expect to be fully functioning again
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