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Praise with us!

Join with us in thanks - the following is a small list of the many things for which we are thankful to God:


  • U.K. - we have had the privilege of supplying office and school furniture to other charities shipping to UGANDA and GHANA - great recycling!
  • LATVIA - Colin's November visit was once again fruitful with a good group of young students. The new mini van we contributed to is a great help and blessing.
  • PAKISTAN - we have supplied finance to a group of Pakistani people in order to gift them requested Bibles. Colin holds a weekly Bible study via SKYPE to the group!
  • HAITI- we are continuing practical support to the LOVING HEARTS CHILDREN'S HOME; school fees, material for school uniforms and food supplies.
  • CAMBODIA - we are supporting a young lady who is teaching year 2 children in an International Christian School in Phnom Penh. She has settled well amongst the challenges of language, culture and safety of the country.

Pray with us!

Thank you for your prayers - the following is a small list of things for which we would currently appreciate your prayer support:

  • LATVIA: please pray for the Principal, Danny Pedraza and several students who are sick with the latest strain of flu virus.
  • LATVIA - Colin is now at BSM, Latvia teaching for this week. He is joined by Pastors Petey Leal and Roy Bauer from Victory Church CT., U.S.A. This is the first time for Petey and Roy at the school and we are praying they will be blessed as they input the lives of this year's students. They are teaching on the book Acts!
  • U.K. We have been incredibly blessed by the donation of our office and storage space; please pray for the future accessibility of this gift.
  • HORIZONS - we are continually praying for guidance and wisdom in which to proceed through each year of opportunity.
  • COLIN AND JUDITH - USA itinerary, 7th- 29th June - amazing God filled ministry, good travelling through four states and smooth flying and on time flight times!
  • PAKISTAN - for good teaching sessions to the groups attending the weekly study and for their safety as they attend these sessions.
  • CAMBODIA - for Sarah working in an international Christian School in the capital. The challenges of health, safety and cultural adapation are ever present, please pray for these issues as she continues her first year.
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